​School Leadership

Diana Hess, Dean and the Karen A. Falk Distinguished Chair of Education (About the Dean)

Melissa Amos-Landgraf, Associate Dean for Administration (Business Office)
Duties: administration and budget, human resources, institutional research, administrative forum, contracts, contract administration, space and remodeling, facilities, parking

Aaron Bird Bear, Assistant Dean for Student Diversity (Student Diversity Programs)
Duties: College Access Program (CAP); Office of Undergraduate Recruitment and Retention (OURR); Summer Education Research Program (SERP); Education Graduate Research Scholars (Ed-GRS); Co-Chair, School of Education Equity and Diversity Committee; School of Education Minority / Disadvantaged Coordinator (MDC)

teri engelke, Assistant Dean for Human Resources (Business Office)
Duties: administration of human resources management activities for departments, centers, units and programs; personnel policies and procedures; employee compensation; benefits; recruitment; employee relations; training and development; legal compliance

Barbara Gerloff, Assistant Dean (Education Academic Services)
Duties: DARS encoding, document review and revision, student affairs

Beth Giles, Director of Education Outreach Partnerships

Rich Halverson & Jack Jorgensen, Co-directors of The Network and Grand Challenges
Duties: SoE Grand Challenges grant program, innovation and interdisciplinary exploration supports, areas of critical need in education
Jeff Hamm, Associate Dean for Student Services (Education Academic Services)
Duties: student services, undergraduate programs, Programs Committee, scholarships, equity and diversity

John Hitchcock,
 Associate Dean for the Arts
Duties: oversight and support to departments and programs related to the arts

Colleen Howes, Associate Dean for Communications, Advancement and Engagement

Carolyn Kelley, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Duties: strategic academic program planning for undergraduate and graduate programs, summer term, enrollment management, faculty recruitment, development and retention, strategic initiatives

Nancy Kendall, Special Assistant for Global Education

Duties: SoE initiatives related to international education studies and global citizenship, including the International Network of Education Institutions

Anna Lewis & Brenda Spychalla, Chief Information Officers and Co-directors of MERIT (MERIT) 
Duties: media, education resources, technology, library

Bob Mathieu, Associate Dean for Research, Director of WCER
Duties: research administration, human subjects protection, conflict of interest, graduate school link, Education and Social/Behavioral Science Institutional Review Board

Julie Mead, Associate Dean for Education

Duties: oversight and support to departments and programs related to teacher education and education studies

Steve Quintana, Project Lead for Equity Initiatives

Duties: SoE initiatives related to increased diversity and inclusion, chair of the Equity and Diversity Committee

Beth Walsh, Assistant Dean (Research and Sponsored Programs)
Duties: extramural Sponsored Proposals and Awards; Gift & Donation Financials; Fee for Service Contracts; SoE Liaison with Research & Sponsored Programs

Kimber Wilkerson, Acting Director of Teacher Education for 2017-18
Duties: oversight to teacher preparation programs, compliance with licensing requirements, leadership to the Coordinating Committee on Professionals in Education, liaison to Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Teacher Education Evaluation ad hoc task force