Wisconsin Act 31 in PK-16 Education




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Focus your instruction by asking...

How long have humans lived here?

On whose treaty land do you live?

Who are your contemporary tribal neighbors today?

What is "place-based learning" and how ​can it help frame instruction?

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Explore the Essential Understandings

nations  |  tribal sovereignty  |  people  |  culture  |  history

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Further your knowledge

Four Approaches
  1. Learn about the 12,000 year span of human history of the Great Lakes, including the 12 contemporary nations and explore personal schemas & enduring stereotypes of American Indians
  2. Receive instruction in the scope & language of Act 31 along with history, culture & sovereignty of WI Indian nations
  3. Analyze & critique the approaches of curriculum and materials
  4. Modify or create curriculum addressing Act 31 and reflect through portfolios 


Why Act 31 Viewpoints:   

 Jeff Ryan |  J P Leary | Aaron Bird Bear | Lori Mueller




12 American ​Indian Nations
of Wisconsin



​Act 31 Across WIsconsin

  • The state of Wisconsin was charged with creating a curriculum for grades 4-12 on American Indian treaty rights. It included a mandate for school programming to give students an understanding of different value systems, cultures, and human relations. 
  • Schools are required to teach American Indian studies at least 3 times throughout a student’s K-12 career and must maintain instructional materials which appropriately reflect diverse cultures.


Act 31 on the UW Campus

Each teacher seeking a license from the state must have instruction in American Indian history, culture and tribal sovereignty, ​meeting the requirement of Act 31 is more than an obligation for certification; it represents our university’s commitment to serve our diverse communities and the American Indian tribes and bands who reside within its borders.


News and Media Resources

The following links are to media resources, television, and radio that covers news and entertainment for and about American Indian nations and tribal communities across Wisconsin, the United States, and Canada.