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Post, Trigsted and Bell help co-author paper exploring sports specialization in young athletes

April 07, 2017

UW-Madison's Eric Post, Stephanie Trigsted and David Bell are co-authors on a recently released paper examining how levels of specialization in sports are related to injuries in young athletes. 

Post is the lead author on the paper, which appeared in the American Journal of Sports Medicine and is titled, "The Association of Sport Specialization and Training Volume With Injury History in Youth Athletes."

Post and Trigsted are Ph.D. Students with the School of Education's Department of Kinesiology, while David Bell is an assistant professor with the department's Athletic Training Program and is the director of the Wisconsin Injury in Sport Laboratory (WISL).

Typical youth safety recommendations include not specializing in one sport, limiting participation to less than eight months per year and not practicing more hours per week than a child's age.

The study tests these recommendations, and finds high levels of specialization were associated with a history of injuries independent of other factors. Further, athletes who exceeded volume recommendations were also more likely to have a history of injuries.

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