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Under the Law: Underwood writes about Janus case implications for teachers unions

May 07, 2018
UW-Madison's Julie Underwood examines the Supreme Court Janus case and its implications for teachers unions in her latest "Under the Law" column for Phi Delta Kappan magazine. 

Julie Underwood 150
Underwood is the Susan Engeleiter Professor of Education Law, Policy and Practice, and the former dean of the School of Education.

"Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees," concerns the issue of whether mandatory fair share fees are constitutional in public employment contracts.

What does this mean for public schools and teachers unions? 

"Although the parties are neither educators nor schools, this case is of interest to all unions who represent public workers, including teachers and other public school employees. It boils down to whether the government, as an employer, can require nonunion workers to contribute to the union," Underwood writes in her explanation. 

Read the full column on the Phi Delta Kappan website.

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