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Bell pens guest editorial on ‘Youth Sports Injuries and Sports Specialization’ for journal

November 30, 2018

UW-Madison’s David Bell, an associate professor with the School of Education’s Department of Kinesiology and director of the Wisconsin Injury in Sport Laboratory, recently wrote a guest editorial for the journal Athletic Training and Sports Health Care.

Bell reminisces for the old days of childhood sports, stating that more and more children are participating in expensive club sports over high school sports. He also remembers the risks of youth sport injuries, something that hasn’t changed much in the youth sport landscape.

However, Bell hopes that his research on injury prevention and sport specialization as a risk factor for overuse injuries stimulates people from different communities to “improve sport safety for diverse and long-lasting sporting experiences.”

Alongside the theme of youth sport injuries, Bell discusses the themes of physical literacy and the risks and motivations of sport specialization also found in this special issue of Athletic Training and Sports Health Care. As research continues in this field, he calls on experts and the public to give these areas and their unanswered questions a higher degree of attention.

Read the guest editorial, “Youth Sport Injuries and Sport Specialization.”

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