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State Journal spotlights 'Peaceful Families, Peaceful Schools' class led by UW-Madison’s Kornblum

December 06, 2018

According to an article recently published by Wisconsin State Journal, Lake View Elementary School last year recorded 1,745 calls for behavior support, 10 percent of which involved a violent act.

This year, UW-Madison’s dance/movement therapist and Dance Department Senior Lecturer Rena Kornblum is helping to reverse this trend by teaching a violence prevention class called “Peaceful Families, Peaceful Schools.”

The State Journal explains that this six-week class engages families once every week to build skills like emotional self-regulation, interpersonal communication and impulse control. The goal of the course is to decrease bullying and increase better behavior outcomes. Families and students enjoy exercises like working with stress cloths, which are designed to help children visualize consequences and patience. 

Tom Qualls, Lake View parent liaison, tells the State Journal that although the program has just begun this year, they are already seeing positive effects of Kornblum’s work. Quall reports that her strategies are even being used in classrooms. Many parents who have been taking the class with their children have seen improvements in behavior, and have even picked up behavior control tools themselves, like stress release and breathing techniques.

Long-term goals of “Peaceful Families, Peaceful Schools” are to reduce behavior calls and build a family support structure. Kornblum says about her aims for the course “I’m hoping the family together has a set of skills they can use and a vocabulary.”

Read more about Kornblum’s innovative class on this web page

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