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A review of the UW-Madison alcohol permit requirement

February 12, 2018
UW-Madison's School of Education reminds departments, faculty and staff that they must obtain an alcohol permit if they would like to serve alcohol at an event. 

Per UW-Madison policy, an employee must complete the required campus training, sign the permit, be present at the event and be responsible for the alcohol service. The permit must be approved by a University official and by the facility.

For the School of Education, the University official to contact for approval is the Associate Dean for Administration, Melissa Amos-Landgraf.

The event itself must adhere to certain requirements, such as being less than two hours and attended by no more than 150 people. For longer and larger events, you must utilize an on-campus or off-campus caterer. 

Student organizations are not permitted to obtain an alcohol beverage service permit. With questions, employees can contact their department, divisional administrator or the Office of Legal Affairs.

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