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School of Education Web v2.0 update

July 23, 2019

Are you wondering what is going on with the web redesign project? The Office of Communications and Advancement has got your answers! 

After a successful rollback (thanks for the assistance MERIT) on June 6, we’ve regrouped, rolled up our sleeves, and jumped right back into the design process. For clarification, we refer to this phase (post-rollback) of the redesign project as Web v2.0. 

Web v2.0We are using the Design Thinking process in Web v2.0. The design process is based on user needs. The development occurs in iterative phases that help the team build upon ideas quickly, test with users and stakeholders, and change approaches based on what we learn.  Once we have completed the listening sessions, we will align on an overall site direction that will meet stakeholder and user needs. 

We learned quite a bit in our short-lived version 1.0 website, and one lesson was that departments and units need more autonomy and a decentralized web hierarchy might be more appropriate. We are still working out the design details and will share more information once we have more stakeholders meetings in late July.

We have expanded the project team working on Web v2.0 as follows:

  1. We have engaged two additional Communications and Advancement team members to the project (Missy Katner, Colleen Beres)
  2. We have added a web developer, Nathan Fetter, in a full-time project appointment
  3. We have hired a project manager, Andy Cunningham, from the campus Project Management Office
  4. We have partnered with University Marketing for support in the development of the hub (main School of Education site).
  5. Felipe Gacharná will continue as the web designer/architect and
  6. Barb Smith Simons will continue as an account executive, internal relationship manager.

Project Phases and Timeline

We are identifying a detailed project scope for phase I. To successfully launch a high-quality site, we feel that a phased approach to design, iteration, quality control, and site launch is the best approach. 

Where can you find up-to-date information on the project? Check out our project webpage updated each Friday.