Cooperating Teacher Qualifications

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requires that cooperating teachers who work with student teachers meet the following qualifications:

  • Hold a valid Wisconsin license or its equivalent for the teaching assignment and have volunteered for assignment as a cooperating teacher.
  • Have at least three years of teaching experience, with at least one year of teaching experience in the school system of current employment.
  • Have completed training in both the supervision of clinical students and in the applicable standards.

Getting Qualified to Work with Student Teachers

New cooperating teachers must attend a seminar or workshop, or complete a formal course in supervision of student teachers. Teachers who participated as cooperating teachers prior to July 1, 1977, are recorded as having met the requirement. Teachers' DPI qualification status is monitored and recorded officially in the Teacher Education Center.

The School of Education provides the following to teachers who wish to become qualified as cooperating teachers:

  • Online workshop on the supervision of student teachers. This is offered on a regular basis to teachers within UW-Madison service area (within 50 miles) by staff from ​the Teacher Education Center at no cost to participants.  Please contact the Nancy Kuehn, Field Experience Coordinator, ​at for more information.
  • Seminars or face to face workshops conducted by faculty and/or staff members responsible for student teaching programs.
  • Conferences for cooperating teachers conducted by faculty members responsible for student teaching programs. The conference is considered temporary qualification until a teacher can enroll in and complete a workshop, seminar or course.