Field Work / Student Teaching

Field Work Policies

Students should review the School of Education Teacher Education Field Experience Policies and the  School of Education Student Teaching Handbook regarding programs, policies, and procedures related to field placements. Most programs also have their own separate field experience handbook. Students are responsible for knowing and complying with School and program policies and procedures.

Criminal Background Checks

Students completing field work are required to complete a criminal background check when they are admitted to a professional program. The cost for the check is borne by the student. Students are directed to detailed criminal background check information at admission. Background check results are reviewed by School faculty and staff. Students with positive results will often be asked for additional information and results may be shared with staff at field placement sites. Some school districts run separate criminal background checks on students placed in the district. School administrators have the authority to determine the appropriateness of a student placement and may choose not to permit a placement. See an academic dean with questions about these procedures.

Student Teaching Applications

Students in the following programs must complete a student teaching application a year in advance of their student teaching semester:  Communicative DisordersLibrary and Information Studies; Music Education; Physical Education. Special Education students will be directed by program staff to complete an application.

Tuberculin Testing

Before being placed for student teaching, all students are required by the Wisconsin Department of Public Health to produce evidence that they are free of tuberculosis. Students must provide the Field Experience Office with certification of a negative TB examination before beginning student teaching. The TB result must have been obtained within two years of the ending date of the student teaching semester. Students without negative TB test results will not be placed. In general, students will be contacted by Field Experience Office staff with detailed information when TB tests are needed.

Some local school districts require a current (within 90 days of placement) TB test prior to both practicum and student teaching placements. These school districts have access to student and teacher placement information, and will contact students directly before the start of their placements regarding test result submission. For this reason, it is imperative that the Field Experience Office receive final placement information within established timelines.  

Content Exams

Students completing professional education programs must take and pass an approved examination. Most students complete the appropriate Praxis II: Subject Assessments/Specialty Area Tests through the Educational Testing Service (ETS). World Language Education students must meet an ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview requirement and must take and pass the ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test (WPT) (see below). No candidate may be waived from taking the required test for their license area. For detailed information, see the Teacher Education Content Exams document.