Student Testing and Assessment

Academic Tests for Prospective Teachers

All prospective teacher education students must submit test scores to the School of Education to be eligible for professional program admission. Students may use their ACT, SAT, or GRE scores, or they may take the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Test (formerly the Praxis I/PPST). These tests meet Wisconsin's basic skills test requirement for prospective teachers. For more information see the document Academic Tests for Prospective Teachers. For more details on the Praxis Core test, see the Educational Testing Service Praxis website.

Content Exams

Students completing professional education programs must take and pass an approved examination. Most students complete the appropriate Praxis II: Subject Assessments/Specialty Area Tests through the Educational Testing Service (ETS). World Language Education students must meet an ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview requirement and must take and pass the ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test (WPT). No candidate may be waived from taking the required test for their license area.  

Foundations of Reading Test in Wisconsin

Wisconsin State law requires that all Grade K-5 teachers, special education teachers, reading teachers, and reading specialists who are applying for initial Wisconsin licensure must take and pass the Foundations of Reading Test for Wisconsin. For our School, this requirement applies to all Elementary Education program students, all Special Education program students, and all students completing the Reading Teacher and Reading Specialist programs.  This test is in addition to all other required tests and assessments for certification and licensure; for instance, students must still take and pass the Praxis II content exam to be eligible to student teach.  

Applicants who apply for Wisconsin licensure must post a passing score of 240. Students should check their scores to be sure that they have met the minimum requirement applicable to their license application date. Test sites, registration, preparation, and other test information are available at

Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)

The edTPA is a subject area-specific, performance-based assessment for pre-service teacher candidates, which is centered on student learning. Evidence of candidate teaching proficiency in the areas of planning, engagement and instruction, and assessment is drawn from a subject-specific learning segment, 3–5 lessons from a unit of instruction. Assessment artifacts include video clips of instruction, lesson plans, student work samples, analysis of student learning, and reflective commentaries. These artifacts will be taken together and scored by trained evaluators using the standardized set of edTPA rubrics. Initial license candidates must complete and pass the edTPA before they can be recommended for licensure. Current admitted teacher education students and authorized faculty/staff can visit the School's edTPA website for more detailed information.