Academic Departments

art dept logo The Art Department is committed to teaching art in the context of a major research university and a vibrant intellectual community. The department strives to provide both a fertile and challenging environment for aesthetic and critical engagement, and the technical skills necessary for the practice of art in the changing landscape of the twenty-first century.
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The Department of Counseling Psychology is primarily a graduate department, offering an APA-accredited doctoral degree in counseling psychology and a master's specializing in community counseling. The department emphasizes the integration of multiculturalism and diversity into counseling psychology and is committed to multiculturalism broadly-defined in teaching, research, practice, and service.

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Curriculum & Instruction is one of the premier research and teaching departments devoted to understanding the complex world of teaching, learning, curriculum, and policy. Faculty pursue a diverse array of research combining experience in schools with expertise drawn from a range of disciplinary fields. This world-class research is the foundation of our work preparing future teachers and the next generation of educational researchers.

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A long-established leader of dance in higher education, the Dance Department is founded on the belief that dance is an intellectual art that should be accessible to all. Our aim is to create dance that engages both its practitioners and its local and global communities, seeking to illuminate those aspects of ourselves and our cultures that are uniquely manifested in human movement. 

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The mission of the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis is to create, integrate, exchange, and apply knowledge about leadership, learning, and organizational performance to advance educational quality and opportunity.

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The Department of Educational Policy Studies is dedicated to the study of educational policy in its various manifestations and to the study of traditionally defined fields such as anthropology of education, comparative and international education, public policy and education, history of education, philosophy of education, and sociology of education. The department has strong ties with institutions and scholars in other countries.

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The Department of Educational Psychology develops and applies cutting-edge scientific knowledge concerning: the psychological and social processes that underlie learning; the design of effective instruction; the factors affecting the mental health of learners of all ages; and the methodological tools required to generate this knowledge.

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The Department of Kinesiology's mission is to research, teach and apply knowledge related to movement, exercise and human occupation with the ultimate goal of enhancing human health, productivity, and quality of life.  The study of movement, exercise and occupation has the potential to dramatically impact health and quality of life. The department houses the Occupational Therapy Program.

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The Department of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education is the only department on campus solely committed to improving the lives of people with disabilities. Programs prepare graduates in entry-level and leadership positions to work with, or on behalf of, people with disabilities, their families, rehabilitation counselors, psychologists, and counselor educators; special ed. teachers and teacher educators; and rehabilitation and special ed. researchers.

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The Department of Theatre and Drama is a collaborative community of artists and scholars whose faculty and staff are comprised of working professionals in both academic and creative areas. Coursework leads to both undergraduate and Master of Fine Arts degrees in Theatre. Students from across campus also regularly engage in both production and coursework to enhance their liberal arts education. This department joined the School of Education in July 2015.