Administrative Council Roster

2019-2020 Academic Year 

Diana Hess, Dean (Chair)

Tim Boals (WIDA)
Betsy Burns (UW Foundation)
LaVar Charleston (Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion)
Kate Corby (Chair, Dance)
Gary Diffee (Chair, Kinesiology)
Barb Gerloff (Assistant Dean, Education Academic Services)
Rich Halverson (Associate Dean for Education Outreach)
Kristen Hendrickson (CFO)
John Hitchcock (Associate Dean for the Arts)
Lindsey Honeyager (Assistant Dean for Facilities)
KT Horning (CCBC)
Colleen Howes (Associate Dean for Communications and Advancement)
Bill Hoyt (Associate Dean for Health)
Elizabeth Jach (Policy and Planning Analyst)
Jerlando Jackson (Chair, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis)
Carolyn Kelley (Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs)
Nancy Kendall (Chair, Educational Policy Studies)
Christina Klawitter (Associate Dean for Academic Services)
Anna Lewis (Co-CIO, MERIT)
Dan Lisowski (Chair, Theatre and Drama)
Bob Mathieu (Associate Dean for WCER)
Julie Mead (Associate Dean for Education)
Matt Messinger (WCEPS)
Paula Panczenko (Tandem Press)
Francesca Rodriquez (Strategic Program Coordinator)
Doug Rosenberg (Chair, Art)
John Rudolph (Chair, Curriculum and Instruction)
Jen Schoepke (Forward Madison)
Brenda Spychalla (Co-CIO, MERIT)
Cigdem Unal (OCCFR)
Charlene Walker (Career Center)
Kimber Wilkerson (Teacher Education Center)
Jim Wollack (Chair, Educational Psychology)
Sue Zaeske (Interim Director for the Division of the Arts)