Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI)

The School of Education Committee on Academic Staff Issues (SoE CASI) is the only committee in the School that focuses exclusively on issues of concern to academic staff. The SoE CASI represents the School of Education academic staff and provides a forum to identify and address academic staff needs and opportunities. In collaboration with the Dean, the SoE CASI administers the SoE CASI Professional Staff Development Committee Grant program. The SoE CASI surveys academic staff to identify and prioritize critical questions, issues, and opportunities and shares the findings with the Dean and academic staff. The SoE CASI sponsors professional development, orientation, and recognition activities. The SoE CASI serves as an advisory committee to the Dean by providing feedback on the formulation, review, and adoption of new and existing School of Education strategic plans, personnel and other promotional policies, and procedures that could impact academic staff. The SoE CASI promotes opportunities for participation of academic staff in SoE governance and committee work. The SoE CASI regularly consults and shares information between the UW-Madison Academic Staff Executive Committee (ASEC) Committee and other UW-Madison CASIs. In 1998, the UW-Madison Academic Staff Assembly approved legislation that created UW-Madison CASIs.