Education Academic Services (EAS)

139 Education Building 
1000 Bascom Mall
Madison, WI 53706
FAX: 608-262-0095

Office hours: Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Appointments and general information: 608-262-1651
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EAS is the undergraduate student affairs office for the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We work with current and prospective School of Education students in all programs. Our roles with students can include the following:

Dean's office

EAS is the official undergraduate dean's office for the School of Education. Staff interpret and administer the rules, regulations, and policies established by the faculty. We also approve and document policy and program exceptions, process certain administrative paperwork, and maintain official student files. Students in academic or personal crisis will likely work with us in our dean's office role.


Staff advise and orient individuals within and outside the School of Education, helping them develop and attain their educational goals. We work with students especially around course selection and program admission. But we also help students explore their academic interests and strengths, examine the issues of multiculturalism and difference, find learning and support resources, and consider academic and career alternatives.


We produce program handouts and update official publications such as the Undergraduate Catalog and Guidebook for new freshmen and transfer students.


EAS admission staff collect application materials, analyze applicant records, and admit individuals to School programs based on criteria established by program faculty.

Field placement

We help coordinate most practicum and student teaching experiences in the School's teacher education programs. In this role we work with faculty and staff, students, teachers, and school administrators.

Requirements monitoring

Staff monitor completion of specific program requirements. We also share general degree audit responsibilities with the Registrar's Office.


We process students' initial teaching license applications.

Staff List

Mary Condon
Scholarships and Fellowships Coordinator

Barbara Gerloff, Assistant Dean
Student affairs, DARS encoding, document review and revision.

Christina Klawitter, Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs
Unit director.

Susan O'Rourke, Administrative Program Specialist
Budget and personnel.

Mitchell Patton, Student Status Examiner
Degree clearing, certification and licensing, academic actions

Wyl Schuth, Student Services Coordinator
Student affairs, admissions.

Becky Smith, Student Services Coordinator
Student affairs.

Michael Sullivan, Student Services Coordinator
Student affairs.

Mary Thompson Shriver, Student Services Coordinator
Student affairs, scholarships.

Jeffrey Wunderlin, Student Status Examiner
Admissions, front desk support, support for the unit director.