Fellowship Information


For a benefit packet, please visit UW-Madison Payroll and Benefits Services. This page contains information and forms for benefits, taxes, etc. Health insurance can't start before appointments start. To start benefits in September, the form must be filled out and returned to the department benefits person by the end of August. To secure benefits, forms must be completed within 30 days of the start of the semester. Please direct benefit questions to your department's benefits coordinator. To have your checks deposited directly into your bank account, complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Form obtained from your department's staff benefits coordinator or download it from the web. Even if this is not your first University appointment, please contact the benefits coordinator. You may need to submit new forms.


To determine your eligibility please visit the graduate funding office website

Housing Priority for Incoming Fellows

Incoming fellows are eligible for priority housing. If you requested and did not receive an application for housing, it is available on the web at University Apartments Application. Write, "Fellowship" on the top.

Initial Stipend Payment

Initial payments follow this schedule: 

  • Award begins: June 1 | First payment is made: July 1
  • Award begins: September 1 | First payment is made: October 1
  • Award begins: Fall Semester | First payment is made: October 1
  • Award begins: Spring Semester | First payment is made: February 1

If you need short-term financial help, contact your bank or The Office of Student Financial Services provides short-term loans on a limited basis. Restrictions apply. Call 608/262-1791 for details. Several schools and colleges have emergency short-term loans. Check with your department.

Delays in Fellowship Payments

The three most common causes for delays in fellowship payments are
  1. registration for too few credits or not registering, 
  2. not signing and returning the W-4 form, or 
  3. grades of incomplete or low GPA.

If your award was conditional on completion of a degree or prelims or the removal of incompletes, etc., please notify the Graduate School Academic Services as soon as you meet those conditions.

Payment Errors

Your confirmation letter specifies the amount of your award and the pay schedule. If the amount of a monthly payment is incorrect, or if you do not receive a payment, call the Fellowships Office at 608/262-9597 at once. If you are overpaid, you must pay back the extra money.

Full Time Study (Registration) and Satisfactory Progress

Fellows must register full time and make satisfactory progress toward their graduate degrees. Full-time study is a minimum of eight (8) credits of graduate level coursework (courses numbered 300 and above) each semester. Dissertators register for three (3) credits. Students with annual awards must also register for a minimum of two (2) graduate credits during the eight-week (DHH) summer session (dissertators three (3) credits). You must take this coursework for grades rather than as audits or for Pass/Fail. If you do not register by the end of the first week of classes, we will hold your stipend check. Serious academic problems, ceasing to be a full-time student, or other failure to remain in good standing may end your fellowship. If for any reason you find it necessary to resign your award or to withdraw from school, please notify Academic Services at once.

US Citizens and Permanent Residents

Since a fellow's stipend is not considered wages (although it is reportable income), the University does not withhold taxes from the stipend. As a result, you may have to pay estimated taxes on a quarterly basis directly to the Internal Revenue Service and the state Department of Revenue in order to avoid penalties for late payment of taxes. Address questions regarding quarterly estimates to the Internal Revenue Service or the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at the phone numbers above. To help you prepare annual income tax forms, Employee Compensation and Benefits (EC&B), Room 49 A.W. Peterson Building, will send each appointee an information letter reporting the amount of stipend paid the previous tax year. You will not receive a W-2 form since W-2 forms are for wages only. Address questions regarding this letter or other withholding issues to EC&B at 608/265-2257. You can order IRS Publication 970: Tax Benefits for Higher Education, Publication 505 - Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax, Publication 535 - Business Expenses - what is not deductible, Publication 529 - Misc. deductions (edu.) by calling 1-800/829-3676. Website: Internal Revenue Service.

Financial Aid with Fellowships

The receipt of a fellowship may affect the amount of your financial aid award (loans). It is your responsibility to inform the Financial Aid office (608/262-3060) and any granting agency of all types of support you receive, including fellowships.

Tuition and Fee Information

Most fellowships cover the full cost of tuition and fees. If you hold an appointment during the second semester, but not during the summer, and you attend summer session, you will only pay resident tuition and fees. If you have questions about the information on your Fee/Tuition Bill, please call the Registrar's Office Fee Section at 608/262-2367 or the Bursar's Office at 608/262-3611.

Concurrent Appointments

Fellows may hold concurrent teaching or research appointments (including PA grader), although certain restrictions apply. The department offering the concurrent appointment must complete a Concurrent Appointment Maxima (CAM) Worksheet to determine if, and at what level, a concurrent appointment would be allowed. Fellows cannot hold student hourly appointments unless funded by the Federal Work-Study Program. These appointment restrictions apply during the full term of your fellowship award as stated in your confirmation letter. Please see the Graduate Program Coordinator in your department for more information before you accept any teaching, research, or project assistantship.

Reporting Changes to the Graduate School

Report changes in your status while you are a fellow directly to Dang Chonwerawong, Assistant Dean, Coordinator of Education Graduate Research Scholars (Ed-GRS). For example, tell us if you change your major, complete your degree, withdraw or change your name or address.