Our Community

In addition to funding, Ed-GRS offers its fellows with opportunities for professional development, networking, community building, and connecting with faculty members. Through Ed-GRS, students are members of a supportive community of UW-Madison graduate students, faculty, and staff in the School of Education. Ed-GRS is overseen by an advisory committee whose members include faculty members, administrators, and a graduate student. Ed-GRS is a part of a larger community of GRS programs at UW-Madison, including the Graduate Engineering Research ScholarsCommunity of Graduate Research Scholars, and Science and Medicine Graduate Research Scholars.

Other student groups and associations at UW-Madison

Multicultural Graduate Network (MGN)
MGN provides an infrastructure and access to resources and services for "primarily targeted" graduate students and to any graduate student who seeks community, learning, professional development, and educational/cultural enhancements within a multicultural context.  MGN is unique in that it is housed within the Office of Graduate Students Diversity Resources (OGSDR) and seeks to create a family atmosphere for all graduate students who participate. 

Curriculum & Instruction Recreational Community for Leadership in Education (CIRCLEup) 
Madison CIRCLEup is a campus-recognized student organization whose purpose is to "build a sense of personal and professional community within the graduate program of the Curriculum & Instruction department at UW-Madison in order to improve both graduate and undergraduate educational experiences within the School of Education."

Graduate Student Collaborative (GSC)
The Graduate Student Collaborative (GSC) serves as a resource and a voice for UW-Madison graduate students within the Graduate School.  Through outreach, educational, and social programming, the GSC enhances UW-Madison graduate students' community involvement; professional, academic, and personal development; and quality of life.

List of Registered Student Organizations at UW-Madison
Over 750 student organizations/clubs register with UW-Madison each year.