The School of Education Graduate Research Scholars program (Ed-GRS) is a community of graduate students from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds receiving the Advanced Opportunity Fellowship (AOF) in the School of Education. Ed-GRS offers students a support network of peers and assists students in becoming members of a supportive community of UW-Madison graduate students, faculty and staff. Ed-GRS is guided by an advisory committee consisting of staff, faculty, and students. With support from the Graduate School and other graduate research scholar communities, the School of Education welcomes our new Ed-GRS fellows and the many students, faculty, and staff that comprise our community.

Program Overview

The School of Education Graduate Research Scholars (Ed-GRS) fellowship program provides:
  • Tuition remission
  • Welcome check to incoming students
  • Monthly stipend
  • Comprehensive healthcare coverage
  • Community building and professional development activities
  • Opportunity to connect with faculty members

To determine your eligibility please visit: Advanced Opportunity/Graduate Research Scholars Funding.

Nomination Process

Once students have been accepted to one of our graduate programs, a committee of faculty members in each department reviews profiles of eligibled applicants and submit a ranked list of nominees to the Ed-GRS director. Once the nominations have been approved by the Ed-GRS director, each department will contact the potential fellows directly. Students must accept or decline the offer no later than April 15th.

Expectations for Ed-GRS Fellows:

  • Attend at least two Ed-GRS events per semester. These workshops may include seminar series organized by the Doctoral Research Program (DRP).
  • Meet with Ed-GRS Coordinator, Assistant Dean Dang Chonwerawong, twice per semester.
  • Meet satisfactory academic progress determined by their departments.
  • Meet with an Ed-GRS faculty advisory board member in his/her department at least once a semester.
  • Mentor an undergraduate student in the School of Education.

"I am so grateful for the opportunities I'd had through the EdGRS fellowship! It has made a tremendous difference in my time here at UW-Madison. Thank you for all your support! I will definitely stay in touch." ~ Miriam