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Publishers Weekly spotlights newest book from UW-Madison’s Barry, 'Making Comics'

September 19, 2019

Publishers Weekly put the spotlight on UW-Madison’s Lynda Barry in a report on "Making Comics," Barry’s new book due to be released in November.

Barry is an award-winning author and cartoonist with the School of Education’s Art Department. She is an associate professor of interdisciplinary creativity and holds the Chazen Family Distinguished Chair in Art. 

Making ComicsBarry’s new book, to be published by Drawn & Quarterly, offers readers methods for learning to tell stories in pictures while unlocking creative connections. This new book is just the next chapter in her varied career, according to Publisher’s Weekly. 

In the 1980s and early 90s, Barry’s weekly comic strip Emie Pook’s Comeek was a staple of alternative newspapers. Since, she’s published a comic collection, multiple instructive books, and written two acclaimed novels, one of which was made one into a play. 

"Making Comics" is derived from the course Barry teaches at UW-Madison, including various exercises, interspersed with views on creativity and storytelling. The book also features illustrations based on the work of her students.

All of Barry’s work is concerned with memory, and the exercises in her book often instruct the reader to find something “floating in the sea of memory” and put it on paper. Barry tells Publishers Weekly that a memory changes every time we think about it, and it changes depending on why you remember it.

“Drawing is this other thing than just how it looks,” Barry tells Publishers Weekly. “It’s actually a language, a way of thinking. It’s almost like having this extra brain. I’m trying to get my students to see past how their drawing looks and see it rather as communication.”

Read the full report here

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