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Madison365 spotlights Jordan's mural depicting African-American history in Madison

October 07, 2019 puts the spotlight on Jerry Jordan’s mural at Madison College’s new Goodman South Campus in a recent article. 

Jordan, a recruitment and retention specialist with the School of Education’s Student Diversity Programs Office, was commissioned by the college to paint a mural depicting African-American history in Madison, specifically South Madison, where the new facilities were built. reportThe article is headlined, "This Mural has Black Madison Buzzing."

Jordan's 10-foot by five-foot mural depicts 37 people, all black, each with their own story, each pivotal to the history of Black Madison, according to

Behind the portraits stands the state capitol’s recognizable dome, and below are other significant markers of the history of black Madison, like the Allison House, the boarding house where black people new to town stayed when they couldn’t find housing.

Each of the 37 people depicted have strong connections to Madison. They range from national figures — who had an impact even though they just passed through —such as Dr. Martin Luther King, to names that are still seen around town, like Velma Hamilton and even more contemporary figures, like Madison365’s own CEO and publisher, Henry Sanders. 

Jordan made a conscious decision to depict many historical figures as their younger selves, explaining “They were young people at one point and very few people have ever seen them as young. Why not show them as a younger person? This is a woman standing here, full of hopes and dreams, and a big, bright future ahead of her.”

Jordan, who wanted to be an artist since he was a child, has also taught for MATC in the past. From 1997 to 2001, he taught drawing at its main Truax Campus. Now, Jordan’s art can be seen not only at the Goodman South Campus, but around the Midwest as he exhibits his work in various galleries. 

Read more about Jordan and his mural via this web page

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