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Business Insider notes work of UW-Madison’s Hora in feature on internships

November 07, 2019

Business Insider recently made note of the work of UW-Madison’s Matthew Hora in a news feature exploring internships. 

Hora serves as the director of the Center for Research on College-Workforce Transitions (CCWT), which is housed within the School of Education's Wisconsin Center for Education Research. Hora is also an assistant professor with the Department of Liberal Arts and Applied Studies.

Matthew Hora
While internships are designed to help college students gain experience and get jobs after graduation, Hora tells Business Insider that interns are typically not paid much, or paid at all. Because of this, he explains, many students cannot afford to take an internship.

Additionally, the number of students between the age of 25 and 34 is on the rise and expected to grow even more in coming years. Hora explains that many older learners have other responsibilities, like families to take care of, so they don’t have the option of taking time off from their job to explore internships. 

“If internships are only accessible for students who aren’t working or have parental support, if that kind of lack of access continues to happen, you’re just going to see a reproduction of privilege,” Hora tells Business Insider.

Read Business Insider's article here.

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