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The Voice spotlights London public artwork of UW-Madison’s Abdu’Allah

November 14, 2019

UW-Madison’s Faisal Abdu’Allah was featured in The Voice Online, in an article about the unveiling of his new public artwork “The Park Royals” in London.

In his piece, Abdu’Allah, an associate professor with the School of Education’s Art Department, pays homage to two generations of workers in Park Royal, celebrating the vibrancy and diversity of West London, where he was born and raised. 

Park Royal is today home to “a thriving community of makers and creators,” according to The Voice, and supports around 43,000 jobs while supplying one third of all food consumed in the capital. 

Faisal Abdu'AllahThe work, curated and produced by the OPDC Annual Art Commission, includes two large-scale photo-tapestries depicting a tableau populated by the diverse group of workers. This piece is a part of a large project, a three-year cultural program being delivered with local people, businesses, and organizations in the Old Oak and Park Royal areas. 

One tapestry depicts a group of eleven elders, while the other portrays younger workers descended from the first group and representative of the second and third generation who still live and work in the area. 

While the tapestries conceptually weave together the two groups’ lives, Abdu’Allah has physically brought together the two groups over the last 12 months. Often they gather at his barber shop to initiate local dialogue, record oral histories, and explore the possibilities of societal change. 

“It’s an honor to be chosen for the OPDC Annual Art Commission. My aim with the Park Royals was to pay homage to the Windrush Generation,” Abdu’Allah comments to The Voice, “who were integral to creating the community where I grew up and making it the great place it is today.” 

Previously displayed in Park Royal, the tapestries are now being exhibited at the Brent Civic Art Centre. 

Read The Voice article here

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