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Diverse Issues highlights Jackson's work with International Colloquium on Black Males in Education

November 19, 2019

Diverse Issues in Higher Education put the spotlight ​on UW-Madison’s Jerlando Jackson in a piece about the annual International Colloquium on Black Males in Education (ICBME), held earlier this month in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee was an interesting background for the ICBME, the report explains, as the city has the highest black-white segregation and the highest rate of incarceration of black males in the country.

Jerlando Jackson
“This is the place people should be paying attention to,” commented Jackson, the colloquium chair and UW-Madison's Vilas Distinguished Professor of Higher Education. “Not only because these are important matters, but because this is also the place that has created outstanding programs and initiatives to combat these issues.”

Jackson, who also serves as the director of Wisconsin’s Inclusion and Equity Laboratory (Wei LAB), cautioned that individuals put too much emphasis on the pitfalls and the experiences of the individuals they deem as problems. He explains that solutions are framed around the individuals, rather than the institutions and organizations that have continued to fail them.

“Instead of figuring out what’s wrong with the individual, we need to turn our attention to the organizations and ask the question why, systematically through the decades, do we have the same issues?” Jackson, the chair of the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, tells Diverse Issues.

Jackson urges that universities should be held to scrutiny around their commitment to making a tangible impact in their communities beyond the push of individual faculty members. Jackson tells Diverse Issues that black faculty members are more likely to take on social justice work, but less likely to be hired in tenured or tenure-track positions on campus. Additionally, much of these types of service efforts are not considered in the formulas for tenure or promotion. 

Read the Diverse Issues in Higher Education article here.

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