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Isthmus reviews ‘FLIGHT' from UW-Madison's Choy

December 17, 2019

The local Isthmus newspaper recently reviewed Peggy Choy’s performance, “FLIGHT: Torn Like a Rose.”

Choy is an associate professor with the School of Education's Dance Department.

Inspired by the 12th century Persian poem “Conference of the Birds,” Choy’s production featured birds on a perilous journey to find love and guidance. 

FlightIsthmus reports on the performances, saying “All of the performers were adept at mimicking birds’ distinct motions, twitchy, fluttering, swooping, preening, pecking, and soaring.” The choreography, designed by Choy, combined elements of many styles of dance and martial arts forms.  

Though Isthmus reporter Kate Reiser describes herself as “a ‘less is more’ kind of audience member,” she comments that she particularly enjoyed the “stunning” theatrical costumes, designed by Andrew Jordan. “I felt I was peeking into a magical realm inhabited by mythical creatures,” Reiser writes in her review. 

Despite the theatrical and bustling qualities of the costumes and performance, Reiser picked up on the “stillness and self-reflection” that the poem and Choy’s interpretation ask of its audience. 

Read Reiser's full review via this Isthmus web page.

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