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Paper Artist Collective features UW-Madison’s Velliquette as Artist of the Month

December 26, 2019

The Paper Artist Collective recently profiled UW–Madison’s Michael Velliquette as its December Artist of the Month.

Velliquette, who is known for creating paper sculptures, is a faculty associate with the School of Education’s Art Department.

Velliquette explains to the Paper Artist Collective: “I began my investigations into paper art about 15 years ago somewhat accidentally, as I was using paper models as studies for larger installation work. Over time, I became more interested in the ability of this single, simple material to encapsulate all of my formal and conceptual interests by itself. Paper comes in endless textures, colors, and weights. It can be used in multiple dimensions. It’s easy to handle and to manipulate, and it’s available virtually anywhere. It’s inherently ephemeral, but given the right conditions, it can last for centuries. It has been used in all aspects of human civilization, from record keeping to ritual, architecture, and communication.”

When asked to explain his work in three words, Velliquette says: “Breath, contentment and devotion.”

To learn much more about Velliquette, and to see some great photos of his work, check out this Paper Artist Collective web page.

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