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UW-Madison alum Perrodin publishes new book on school safety in America

August 23, 2019

UW-Madison alum David Perrodin is the author of a newly released book, “School of Errors: Rethinking school safety in America.” 

School of Errors book coverPerrodin earned his Ph.D. from the School of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (ELPA) in 2016. 

A former school administrator, Perrodin challenges common school safety narratives in his new book. Perrodin tells the Portage Daily Register, “We’re not building systems that are accessible for kids. We’re just putting fortifications in.” 

Perrodin, now a professor in the School of Education at Viterbo University, recommends that schools encourage situational awareness and proactive steps, like making sure students and parents know how to report potential threats and are comfortable enough to do so. 

The alum also consults with school districts to help improve safety plans, conducting focus groups with students. Perrodin works to make educators and policymakers think about what’s effective and develop safety plans based on empirical evidence. 

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