Madison Sherman, Art Education

What brought you to UW–Madison?

Both my parents went here, and I’m actually named after the school! Also, I loved the academic opportunities available to students. Not to mention all of the fun stuff on campus like the lake and game days. 

How did you choose your major? 

I’ve been working as an art teacher locally for the past two years and realized that I have a passion for it. Art Education is a really interesting major to me, and I know that I can continue on to do many things with it.  

You participated in the UW Summer Launch program. How did it go? 

UW Summer Launch was a perfect plan for me this summer and has been a fun way to pass time during the quarantine. Through the class I’m taking –– Disability and Society –– I’ve become interested in the Disability Rights and Services certificate as well! Overall, I love that this program gave me structure to my summer and showed me something new that sparked my interest. 

What are you most looking forward to for your first semester? 

I’m looking forward to being on campus and meeting new people! 

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