Mira Grinsfelder, Education Studies

Mira GrinsfelderWhere are you from, and what brought you to UW–Madison?

I grew up on unceded Anishinaabe and Dakota territory (St. Paul, Minnesota). I transferred to Madison to reconnect with my Midwestern roots and pursue an undergraduate degree in education studies

How did you choose your major? 

Honestly, I chose my major before I even applied to UW–Madison. I was drawn to the multidisciplinary focus on schools. And I was sold after Dr. Stacey Lee’s assigned readings for “Anthropology and Education” … loved every single book in that syllabus. 

What was your most meaningful experience at UW–Madison? 

Being a part of F.H. King: Students for Sustainable Agriculture! Hands down the most educational and foundational experience I’ve had thus far. I learned about lateral leadership in practice, about growing food and community, and about the power imbued in agency and passion. It will hold a piece of my heart forever! 

What class or professor had the greatest impact on you, and why?

Dr. Linn Posey-Maddox’s CBL (community-based learning) course was the most memorable course. It’s special to study education while being implicated in the subject of study. I learned as much from the scholarship as I did from her pedagogical style. 

What advice would you give to incoming students? 

You’ll learn as much, if not more, outside of the classroom — volunteer, attend meetings you know nothing about, share meaningful conversation, join community groups, and share meals. Your life is your classroom. I’m grateful for all of the School of Education faculty and staff who shared and encouraged this for their students. 

What are your plans for the future? 

I hope to continue working to protect the water, protect treaties’ rights, and protect Indigenous women by stopping pipeline expansion projects in the Great Lakes region. For more info, check out #StopLine3 #ShutDownLine5.

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