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Our internal email newsletter curates timely School of Education news stories that are of interest to our internal School community. We publish important updates from the Dean’s office, stories and accomplishments of our faculty and staff, feature stories about how the School of Education is shaping the future, and the many ways in which the people in our School help make a difference in our state and the world.

Editorial Focus

  • Communications with an impact on faculty and staff
    • Messages from the Dean
    • Messages from the Associate Deans 
    • Messages from the Chief Financial Officer or Business Office (facilities, human resources)
  • Important news, achievements, or appointments
  • People and units doing unique and impactful work. We focus on a mix of stories about the arts, education, and health 
  • Media mentions: Showcase our faculty and staff in the news
  • Sense of place: Things that make School of Education special; work that has impacted the lives of people across the state 
  • Fun and interesting: Potentially a piece of social media or multimedia that is humorous or eye-catching
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Space in the Insider Scoop is limited and best practices in electronic communications have shown that the less a reader has to scroll down a page, the more likely it is that person will remain engaged in the communication. We focus on engaging headlines, short copy, and links to our web pages. We may not always be able to include your news item in our newsletter. Of course, there are other channels such as the campus events calendar that populates our events pages on the website.

Our communication experts can help you select the best channel for your news item.

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