SERP Scholar Research

The SERP Scholar experience culminates in every SERP Scholar presenting a body of work they have completed at the end of the 10 week program. These presentations give SERP Scholars experiences in presenting research to further their professional development and highlight their research experience. SERP Scholars create presentations and/or posters to present to School of Education faculty/staff, other SROP scholars and program staff, as well as other University of Wisconsin stakeholders. Previous SERP Scholar project titles and SERP Mentors are available below.

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Jocelyn Chavez-Diaz, California State University, Monterey Bay; “(Re)Creating Latinx Indigenous Identity: Transnational Saraguro Youth Living in Rural Wisconsin.” (Mentored by Dr. Diego X. Roman)

Tiffany Munro, Florida International University; “Well-Being Among BIPOC Students: A Scoping Review.” (Mentored by Dr. Alberta Gloria)

Mathew Almodovar Morales, University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez; “The Impact of a Physical Activity Programs for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.” (Mentored by Dr. Luis Columna)

Sailery Cortes-Cardona, University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez; “Fine Motor Skills Relate to Daily Living Skills in Autistic Children and Youth.” (Mentored by Dr. Brittany Travers)

David Whittingham, Tufts University; “Wisconsin Public School Labor Organizing in a Time of Upsurge.” (Mentored by Dr. Annalee Good)

Temiloluwa Yusuf, University of Michigan; “What Page Are We On?: Understanding Disconnect In Mental and Behavioral Health Supports in Family-School Partnerships.” (Mentored by Dr. Andy Garbacz)

Joseph Boateng, University of Dayton; “The Effects of Action on School-Age Equivalence.” (Mentored by Dr. Percival Matthews)

Samantha Macksey, Northeastern Illinois University; “Does Water Play Support Children’s Learning of What Floats?” (Mentored by Dr. Haley Vlach)

Carlos F. Cuebas García, University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez; “Fit Families: A Randomized Parent-Mediated Physical Activity Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Puerto Rico.” (Mentored by Dr. Luis Columna)

Kaitlyn Rodriguez, University of Virginia; “Latinx Psychological Strengths: How Latinx Adolescents Implement Response Strategies to Counteract Crimmigration.” (Mentored by Dr. Stephen Quintana)


Cintia Alaniz, Cal Poly Pomona; “¡Estamos aquí y somos importantes!*: Fostering Latinx First-Generation DACA students’ sense of belonging and well-being with culturally responsive mentoring”  (Mentored by Dr. Alberta Gloria, Counseling Psychology)

Guadalupe Aviles, Ripon, College; “Critical Language Awareness in the Context of Spanish Teaching”  (Mentored by Dr. Diego Román, Curriculum & Instruction)

Bree Chambers, Capital University; “The Keys: A Thematic Approach of School Supports in a Midwestern Middle School”  (Mentored by Dr. Andy Garbacz, Educational Psychology)

Sarah Eckerstorfer, University of Minnesota; “Teaching for Democracy: Establishing Anti-Racism, Student Leadership, and Civic Action Benchmarks for Elementary Aged Students” (Mentored by Dr. Simone Schweber, Curriculum & Instruction)

Emily Esquivel, California State University-San Marcos; “Transitions: My Undergraduate Summer Research Experience”  (Mentored by Dr. Brian Burt, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis)

Tricia Francis, University of Wisconsin-Madison;  “COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in Wisconsin Populations”  (Mentored by Dr. Dorothy Farrar-Edwards, Kinesiology)

Emily Manzo, University of Illinois-Urbana Champagne;  “Navigating Post Secondary Education: Narratives of Undocumented Latina Community College Transfer Students” (Mentored by Dr. Xueli Wang, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis)

Jaden Mikoulinskii, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; “Public School District Policies in the Midwest: A Retrospective Case Study of Indiscrepancies” (Mentored by Dr. Mollie McQuillan, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis)
Luam Rincon, University of Wisconsin-Madison; “A Review of Internalizing Interventions”  (Mentored by Dr. Katie Eklund, Educational Psychology)

Edith Urbano, San Jose State University; “The Arts as a Center for Resource: What Resources Do Out of School Arts Organizations Provide for Young People of Historically Marginalized Communities?” (Mentored by Dr. Erica Halverson, Curriculum & Instruction)


Xue Fang Deng, “Family and educator perspectives of integrated school mental health practice in rural communities” (Mentored by Andy Garbacz, Educational Psychology)

Dania Fathroen,Effectiveness of an integrated Tier-2 intervention on goal attainment of targeted behaviors” (Mentored by Katie Eklund, Educational Psychology)

Veena Kirankumar, “Student engagement in mathematics playing a motion capture video game” (Mentored by Mitchell Nathan, Educational Psychology)

Shaun Pottinger, “The Equal Sign: Investigating the effects of conceptual and procedural instruction” (Mentored by Percival Matthews, Educational Psychology)


Diana Boomsma, “Exploring a Multifaceted Approach to Teaching Emergent Bilingual students” (Mentored by Maggie Hawkins)

Vanessa Bravo, “Case-Based comparison of characteristics and outcomes of caregivers participating in the 5Minutes4Myself program: Who benefited from program participation?” (Mentored by Beth Larson)

Juan Duran, “The Disadvantages of the Brown: Educational Disparities that Hinder Academic Success and Higher Education Attainment for Working-Class Latino Males” (Mentored by Stephen Quintana)

Cristina Martin, “Exploring a Multifaceted Approach to Teaching Emergent Bilingual students”

(Mentored by Mary Cate Komoski)

Brooke Quach, “Social capital and the first generation Vietnamese American experience” (​Mentored by Stacey Lee)


Calvin R. Gibson, “Migration motivations that influence the relocation of class diverse Blacks to predominately Black suburban areas” (Mentored by Linn Posey-Maddox)

Joshua Sparks, “Broken Mirrors: Exploring the fragmentation of identity in mathematics education research” (Mentored by Erika Bullock)

Joselyn Hathaway, “Equitable teaching and learning: Tracking and detracting of mathematics for minority and low-socioeconomic students” (Mentored by Nicole Louie)

Daila Hernandez Farias, ” Examining a social justice approach to prepare teachers candidate for Latinx students” (Mentored by Carl A. Grant)


Cecilia Caro, Macalester College & GSEF Fellow; “Long-term English Language Learners: Power, language, and identity” (Mentored by Stacey Lee & Lesley Bartlett, Educational Policy Studies)

Michelle Constante, University of Houston; “Analysis of deaf patients following yoga intervention” (Mentored by Kristin Pickett, Kinesiology)

PF’anique Stonewall (formerly Hill), University of Wisconsin-Madison; “Mathematical success of black girls”  (Mentored by Gloria Ladson-Billings, Curriculum & Instruction)

Francesca Levy, University of Florida-Gainesville; “Student assessment in Artist-in-Residency programs” (Mentored by Erica Halverson, Curriculum & Instruction)

Kori Looker, Lawrence University & GSEF Fellow; “Subtractive woodwork processes in abstract form” (Mentored by John Hitchcock, Art)

Evelyn Nkooyooyoo, Grinnell College & GSEF Fellow; “Sociopolitical factors affecting national language policy development in Angola” (Mentored by François Tochon, Curriculum and Instruction, and Weijia Li, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis)

Lawrence Teng, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; “Goals for Mathematics Education: What do we really hope to achieve?” (Mentored by Erika Bullock, Curriculum & Instruction)


Cynthia Romero, “Undocumented Students in Higher Education: Do Latinx Students have a Sense of Belonging?” (Mentored by Erica Turner)

Hong Bui, “Integration of Assessment Tools for Student Feedback in Virtual Internships” (Mentored by David Shaffer)

Enya Granados, “Ways of Incorporating Social Justice in Science Education” (Mentored by Melissa Braaten and John Rudolph)

Cynthia DeMunbrun, “Preservice Teacher Experiences in Teacher Education Programs” (Mentored by Kimber Wilkerson)

Rynisha Streeter, “Kindergarten Student Crisis: How to Implement Play into Curriculum“ (Mentored by Carl Grant)


Stephanie Alvarez, “Challenging Current Stigmas in the School Systems: Teachers’ Perceptions on Alternative Schools” (Mentored by Kimber Wilkerson)

Veronica Franco, “Alianza Familiar: Validation of the “Academic Family” Measure with Latina/o Undergraduates” (Mentored by Alberta M. Gloria)

Jamelia Harris, “The Concrete Roses: An Intersectional Analysis of Black Girls Unique Challenges and Vulnerabilities in the School-To-Prison Nexus” (Mentored by Gloria Ladson- Billings)

Marvin Gutierrez, “Hip Hop: An Academic Motivator for Urban Teens of Color” (Mentored by Gloria Ladson- Billings)

Yalanda Lawson, “An Academic State of Emergency: Examining the Underrepresentation of Black Males in Gifted Education Programs” (Mentored by Aydin Bal)

Kailea Saplan, “An Aristotelian Perspective: Tracing Learning Models Back To Their Root” (Mentored by Erica Halverson)


Yasmin Rodriguez, “Privilege-base and Equity-base Sorting: Examining Teachers and Students Assignment Practices” (Mentored by Peter Goff)

Mary Johnson, “Examining the Links Between Academic Self-Efficacy and Educational Aspirations for High School Minority Students in Pre-College Programs” (Mentored by Bianca Baldridge)

Melanie Kirkwood, “An Exploration of Strength and Resilience in the 21st Century Black Female Protagonist in Young Adult Literature” (Mentored by Gloria Ladson-Billings)


Amber Brown, “Who are Those Kids?: What are the Lines Between an Adequate Education and an Equal Education?” (Mentored by Kimber Wilkerson)

Max Roy, “Childhood Obesity and Socioeconomic Status: A Global Perspective” (Mentored by Bill Schrage)

Janelle Perez, “An Investigation on the Models of Bilingual Education: What Programs are English Language Learners Benefitting From?“ (Mentored by Gloria Ladson-Billings & Mariana Pacheco)

Precious Holmes, “The Courage to Lead: A Comparison Between Instructional Leadership in High and Low Performing Minority Public Elementary Schools” (Mentored by Gloria Ladson-Billings)

Dianna Pinduisaca, “Guatemalan Children’s Developmental Understanding of Disability Inclusion in School”  (Mentored by Steven Quintana)

Mary Dueñas, “Describiendo los Exitos de Estudiantes Universitarios: A Scale Identifiying their Daily, Weekly and Monthly Educational Successes” (Alberta Gloria)

Mao Lee, “Thinking Beyond English-Only: Exploring Collaborative Translations Among Bilingual Children and Youth” (Mentored by Mariana Pacheco)


Gwendolyn Baxley, “Chartering a New Direction for ELL students: The Impact of Charter Schools on ELL Achievement” (Mentored by John Witte)

Alexandria Timoll, “The Children who are Left Behind: A Literature Review on the Effects of After-School Programs on Low-Income Students and Students of Color” (Mentored by Michael Fultz)

Juan Del Toro,Social Justice Perspective-talking: A Conceptual Model and Initial Scale Development: A Pilot Study” (Mentored by Stephen Quintana)

Kesha Berg, “Keeping 4-Year Old Kindergarten Local: How Wisconsin State Policies Shape Early Childhood Education” (Mentored by Beth Graue)

Estefania Lopez,Undocumented Asian Pacific Islanders in High Education: A Pilot Study” (Mentored by Stacey Lee)

Maame Adomako, “Approaching the Quarter Life: Examining Predictors of Satisfaction Among College Students on a Predominately White Campus” (Mentored by Brad Brown and Amy Bellmore)


Pedro Ruezga, “Latina/o Families Immigration Histories, Acculturative Stress, and Intergenerational Patterns of Conflict” (Mentored by Carmen Valdez)

Esmeralda Hernandez, “A Review of Literature of Upward Bound as a College Access Program that seeks to Increase Access to Higher Education” (Mentored by Michael Fultz and Dr. Stacy Lee)

Dominique Clayton, “What Does Race Have to Do With It? A Geneological Exploration of the Conception of Standard English and its Effects on the legitimacy of African American Vernacular English in the Classroom” (Mentored by Gloria Ladson-Billings)

Melissa Munoz, “La Fuerz de Hermanidad” (The Strength of Sibling Relationships): Coping




Stephanie Olarte, (Mentored by Stephen Quintana)

Kevin Henry, (Mentored by Gloria Ladson-Billings)

Tangela Roberts, (Mentored by William Hoyt)

Nick Frost, (Mentored by Bruce Wampold)

Bianca Barrios, (Mentored by Alberta Gloria)


Kailey Spencer, “The Importance of Religion in Public School Curriculum and Multicultural Education” (Mentored by Carl Grant)

Jennifer Jones, “The Effects of Retention on African American Students” (Mentored by Carl Grant)

DeAna McCusky,Key Characteristics Promoting more Opportunity for a Successful Transition from High School to College for Latino Youth” (Mentored by Michael Fultz)

Leyno Vo, “Research Interest: Psychosocialcultural Factors Influencing Chinese American Undergraduates’ Alcohol Consumption Patters” (Mentored by Alberta Gloria


Adisa Anderson,Research Interest: Latina/o High School Students: A Psychosociocultural Perspective” (Mentored by Alberta Gloria)

Melissa Rico, “Research Interest: The Validity of the Beck Depression Inventory, the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale, and the Self-Report Depression Scale for Latina/o College Students” (Mentored by Alberta Gloria)

Purnima Davis, “Research Interest: How Does African American Parents’ Socioeconomic Status Affect Their Involvement in Public Schools?” (Mentored by Carl Grant)

Sheilamae Reyes, “Research Interest: Tracking Proposition 187 in the News: A Quantitative Keyword Analysis” (Mentored by Pamela Oliver


Mathew Gaydos, “Research Interest: Intelligent Educational Games” (Mentored by James Gee and Kurt Squire)

Marlen Kanagui, “Effects of Pyschosociocultural Constructs on Latina/o in College Adjustments” (Mentored by Alberta Gloria)

Cynthia Medina, “Research Interest: Effects of Pyschosociocultural Constructs on Latina/o and Asian-American Undergraduate Students’ Life and College Satisfaction” (Mentored by Alberta Gloria)


Heather Catherwood, “Making Friends and Influencing People: A Study of the Same/Cross Culture Competence of Middle School Students as Perceived by their Peers and Through Self-Report between Racial and Ethnic Minorities and White Students” (Mentored by Stephen Quintana)

Rosalilia Mendoza, “Latina Undergraduates’ Attitudes and Values Toward Counseling” (Mentored by Alberta Gloria)

Catherine Hsieh, “College Adjustment of Asian Student Groups: A Psycho Sociocultural Approach” (Mentored by Alberta Gloria)

Shante Lewis, “Tracking and its influences on the self-esteem and achievement of African American adolescents” (Mentored by Michael Fultz and Mary Metz


Carolina Nunez, “Mexican American Depression: The Effects of Maternal Depression on Adolescent Resilience” (Mentored by Hardin Coleman)
Robert Robinson, “New Reflection: Black Literature and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Secondary School Classrooms” (Mentored by Tom Popkewitz)

Karla Manning, “A Look at Multiculturalism in Secondary English Textbooks: A Focus on the Representation of Gender and Race” (Mentored by Carl Grant)

Darius Sanchez, “The Black-White Academic Achievement Gap: What is it? and What are We Doing About It?” (Mentored by Jim Stewart)

Karina Ramos, “A Review of the Literature of the Relation between Self-Efficacy and Academic Achievement: How Student, Teacher and Collective Efficacy Influence Student Academic” (Mentored by Alberto Cabrera)

Fernando Rodriguez, “Trends in College Admission and Access: The Internet and Its Impact on African American and Latino Students” (Mentored by Michael Fultz


Maria Garcia, “An Overview of Issues Concerning the Latino Pursuit of Higher Education” (Mentored by Michael Fultz)

Timothy Jones, “New Kid on the Block: Desegregation Policies, Meet Immersion Schools: An Examination of Current School Desegregation Practices and Immersion Schools in Hope of Finding Quality Education” (Mentored by Michael Olneck)

Arlene Carrasco, “Research Interest: Hawaiian Ethnic Identity: What It Means to be Hawaiian to Native Hawaiian Children” (Mentored by Stephen Quintana)

Doriane Besson, “Research Interest: Hawaiians and Haoles: Ethnic Identity and the Perception of Whites Among Hawaiian Children” (Mentored by Stephen Quintana)


Young Park, “Help-Seeking Attitudes of Korean American Undergraduates: An Examination of Asian Values and Cultural Fit” (Mentored by Alberta Gloria)

Jacinta Wallace, “Even Further Back Than That:” A Historical Perspective on the Success and Failure of Young African American Children” (Mentored by Beth Graue)

Erin Pederson, “Factors Affecting the Science Achievement Gap Among Latino Students” (Mentored by Jacob Stampen)

Sophia Ward, “An Investigation of the Disproportionate Placement of African Americans in Special Education” (Mentored by Michael Fultz)

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