PROposal Writing for Early-career Scholar Success

PROposal Writing for Early-career Scholar Success (PROWESS) is a summer 2022 pilot workshop from the School of Education, led by Associate Dean for Research Dorothy Farrar Edwards. Supporting the full range of scholarly areas addressed by School of Education faculty and research scientists, PROWESS is an intensive program to spur development of successful research proposal submissions from early career researchers throughout School of Education departments and units. Faculty selected for the workshop will receive one month of summer salary.

Over the course of 5 weeks beginning June 2022, the workshop will comprise five, two-hour structured seminars addressing essential elements of successful proposals and three writing group meetings.

Seminar topics include:

  • developing compelling, readable, and accessible project descriptions and research aims,
  • creating feasible timelines and budgets, and
  • drafting, critiquing, and revising grant proposals.

Writing groups will cover non-scientific elements of applications, such as structure and critical ancillary support documents, and participants will read and critique each other’s proposal drafts. Mentors will help participants identify appropriate funding sources and provide support as they develop, refine, and submit grant applications. Participants will network with peers about grant-seeking and grant-writing processes. As a final step, prior to submitting their proposal to the funder, participants will present their draft grant proposals to a review panel, which will supply feedback from a diverse set of disciplinary and career perspectives.

Submission Details

Elements you will be asked to provide are:

  • current CV
  • up to 500 words describing your project with specific aims/goals
  • proposed extramural funding source and deadline
  • name of a potential mentor (if known)
  • approval from department chair or center director
  • brief statement of prior experience writing and submitting proposals.

Awardees will be announced the week of May 2, 2022.


Priority is given to assistant professors and academic staff researchers hired in 2019 or later.

Ready to apply?

Application deadline is April 7, 2022

Submit your application

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the program dates?

The program will run from June 29, 2022, to July 27, 2022. There will be a mandatory in-person kick-off meeting on June 15.

Will the seminars be held in person or virtually?

The program will take place in person, and we will accommodate virtual attendance if needed.

Does my mentor have to be from UW-Madison?

Your mentor does not have to be a UW-Madison faculty/staff. You may select to work with a mentor who is outside the institution.

What will the schedule look like, and what topics will be covered each week?

Here is the tentative schedule and topics.

June 15: Kickoff meeting
Overview of PROWESS structure and goals
June 29: Seminar 1
“Proposal Mechanics”
July 6: Seminar 2
“Getting Ready to Write”
July 13: Seminar 3
“Your Research and Your Trajectory of Career Success”
July 20: Seminar 4
“In the Details: Every Element Counts”
July 27: Seminar 5
“Submission and Beyond”
TBD: Writing group 1.1
TBD: Writing group 2
TBD: Writing group 3

Questions about PROWESS?

The program is led by Associate Dean for Research Dorothy Farrar Edwards.

For administrative questions, please contact Project Manager Irina Diaz.

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