Cynthia Baeza

Photo of Cynthia Baeza

Cynthia Baeza is a first year PhD student in the Bilingual Education and Science Education area of the Curriculum and Instruction Department. She is a proud WCER and Ed-GRS Fellow. Her primary research interest is in the intersection between Bilingual and Science teaching and learning for LatinX or Emergent Bilingual students. She also has a research interest on the underrepresentation of women in the field of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics).

Cynthia joins the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a 7-year teaching experience in the Dallas Independent School District. She was part of the founding team of Solar Preparatory School for Girls as the school opened its doors to young girls in August of 2016. She served the roles of Dual Language Lead, Dual Language Educator, and Team Lead for her grade level. Cynthia was invited in early 2018 to join the Galapagos Conservancy in Ecuador as a facilitator to provide professional development for teachers on the Galapagos Islands. After traveling four times to the Galapagos Islands, she feels great joy for being able to support Ecuador’s effort to improve teaching and learning with a focus on conservancy in this area.

Cynthia hopes her research will contribute to providing better opportunities for LatinX or Emergent Bilingual students to receive a high-quality Science education with language development support that fits their needs.


  • M.B.E. Master of Bilingual Education, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX.
  • B.S. Early Childhood Education with a Minor in Bilingual Education, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX.
  • Associates of Arts in Teaching, El Paso Community College, El Paso, TX.

Awards and Honors:

  • Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER) Graduate Research Fellowship, UW-Madison, 2020-2024
  • Education Graduate Research Scholars (Ed-GRS) Fellowship, UW-Madison, 2020-2024
  • International Research and Training Grant, Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS), 2020
  • Fairess Simmons Graduate Fellowship, Southern Methodist University, 2014-2016

Conference Presentations:

  • Kirchgasler, K. & Baeza, C. (April, 2021). Experiments in Americanization: The Racialization of Students as Having Distinct Linguistic and Health Needs. Paper Presentation at the AERA Annual Meeting (virtual).
  • Kirchgasler, K. & Baeza, C. (April, 2021). Tracking by Triage: A Century of Raciolinguistics Distinctions in U.S. Science Education. Poster Presentation at the AERA Annual Meeting (virtual).’
  • Román, D., Baeza, C., Ward, K., Sawyer, R. (April, 2021). Whose Spanish in the Classroom? A Historical Analysis of Spanish Varieties Taught in U.S. Schools. Paper Presentation at the AERA Annual Meeting (virtual).
  • Kirchgasler, K. & Baeza, C. (January, 2021). The Hygienic Language of Science: Historicizing U.S. Science Education as Productive of Raciolinguistic Distinctions. Paper Presentation at the SEEDS Conference (virtual).