Jalessa Bryant

Jalessa Bryant is a fifth year doctoral student in the Multicultural Education area of the Curriculum and Instruction Department. She earned a bachelor’s degree in American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley focusing on Sociocultural Strategies for Child Development with a minor in Education in 2011. Jalessa joins the University of Wisconsin, Madison with several years of experience in schools and community-based spaces in California and Rhode Island where she served as an educator, administrator, and community servant. Her commitments to liberation movement center insurgent methodologies for teaching and learning. Her primary research interest lies at the intersection of teacher learning, Black studies, and visual culture. She is interested in the ways creative praxis enables transformations of self in pre-service teachers and the speculative possibilities for pedagogy and the design of learning environments. She believes working side by side with communities is required for critical scholarly work and transformative qualitative research. Jalessa’s research explores critical perspectives of learning in and through the arts, teacher learning, and Black education. 

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