Yaya Diatta

Credentials: Ed-GRS Fellow

My research interests are based on Language policy and planning in multilingual countries. On that score, I am am exploring the case of Senegal, a west African country and former french colony. Looking into its language education policy, I am investigating the potential consideration of local languages in the educational system in regard to the linguistic human rights as well as the translanguaging pedagogy.


During the summer 2021 break, I published the following paper ” Postcolonial Theory and Mother-tongue instruction in Senegal” in the journal called Across Disciplinary Boundaries, Humanities and Social Sciences, Number 4. From Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar-Senegal.

Conference Presentations

Preparing a presentation on the importance of integrating national languages in Senegal at the international mother tongue day celebrated worldwide by Unesco on February 21 each year.

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