Wisconsin Center for Education Products & Services

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The Wisconsin Center for Education Products & Services (WCEPS) impacts education around the world by disseminating the educational innovations created at the UW–Madison School of Education. Each year, the School’s innovations help thousands of educators and tens of thousands of students in all 50 states and more than 100 countries. Each year WCEPS returns funds to the School of Education to support further research and development.

Why WCEPS participated: The WCEPS staff and board of directors couldn’t be more excited about the Impact 2030 initiative. Impact 2030 will sustain and enhance the School’s longtime excellence. Supporting it is directly aligned with WCEPS’ mission, and we’re honored to be a collaborator on this inspirational initiative. Our volunteer board of directors deserves special recognition for their enthusiasm for the Impact 2030 campaign and ongoing support of WCEPS’ efforts. Board members are listed here: Michael Falk, board chair; Tom Kalinske; Deb Kerr; Jeffrey Russell; Joshua Starr; Diana Hess, ex-officio; and Courtney Bell, ex-officio.