Karen & Tom Falk

Photo of Karen and Tom Falk

Karen and Tom Falk both completed their undergraduate education at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1980. Tom majored in accounting and Karen’s degree is in special education. Tom retired in 2019 after 36 years at Kimberly-Clark Corporation, most recently serving as chairman of the board and chief executive officer. Both Tom and Karen have been involved at UW–Madison for many years, with Tom serving on the board of the University of Wisconsin Foundation and Karen serving on the board of visitors for the School of Education. Tom and Karen are residents of Dallas, Texas.

Why they participated: We started a diversity scholarship fund at the School of Education several years ago and saw Impact 2030 as a way to continue this important work. And, as we have met many of the students who have benefited from these scholarships, we know these investments are paying off.

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