Emma Lazaroff

Dr. Emma Lazaroff is a 2022 graduate of the Human Development area of the Department of Educational Psychology. Her advisor was Dr. Haley Vlach. Before coming to UW-Madison, she earned her B.A. in Psychology from Quinnipiac University. During her Ph.D., Emma studied ways to leverage cognitive supports, such as analogy and language, to help children learn about STEM concepts. Her dissertation is titled “The Power of ‘Same’ and ‘Different’: Relations Between Relational Language and Science Knowledge”. Emma is currently a researcher on the Learning Sciences and Analytics team at Age of Learning, Inc.



2022: Graduate Student Service Scholarship, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2021-2022: Michael Vincent O’Shea and Harriet Frisbie Eastabrooks O’Shea Fellowship, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2021: Thora Wick Homme Memorial Scholarship, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2019-2020: Network Fellowship, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2019: Diversity Travel Award, Cognitive Development Society

2018: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, Honorable Mention

2017-2021: Data Recognition Corporation Fellow, Wisconsin Center for Education Research Fellowship, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2016-2021: Advanced Opportunity Fellowship, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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