Zoua Lor

Photo of Zoua Lor

Zoua Lor is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Department of Counseling Psychology. She is the proud daughter of two refugees, the third of nine children to obtain a bachelor’s degree, and the first in her family to pursue a PhD. Prior to her doctoral studies, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Statistics Concentration from St. Olaf College. Her research broadly focuses on the clinical applications of cultural psychology and the intersection of well-being, cultural identity, and student development. Zoua is a member of Dr. Mindi Thompson’s Work and Wellness Lab  and is involved in a several projects concerning collegiate and mental health outcomes. She will complete her advanced practicum in the Counseling Psychology Training Clinic and is exploring a career in academia or professional psychology. In Zoua’s free time, she likes to listen to crime podcasts and watch children’s movies.

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