John & Tashia Morgridge

Photo of John and Tashia Morgridge

John and Tashia Morgridge graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1955. John majored in business and Tashia majored in education. John went on to become the chairman of Cisco Systems. Tashia is a retired special education teacher who has been a volunteer teacher for students with learning disabilities. Both John and Tashia have been involved at UW–Madison for many years, with John serving on the board of directors of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and Tashia serving on the board of visitors for the School of Education. They are founders and members of the board of trustees of the Morgridge Institute for Research, and founders and board members of the Fund for Wisconsin Scholars. John and Tashia are residents of Portola Valley, California.

Why they participated: We believe in the power of education and big ideas. Our decision to participate in the School of Education Impact 2030 initiative was inspired by our desire to ensure the next generation of Badgers have access to high-quality teaching and research at a top-ranked School of Education, and ultimately are able to go out and make an impact on communities throughout the state of Wisconsin and around the world. Impact 2030 is a bold initiative that will further strengthen an institution we care so deeply about now and into the future.

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