Graduate Research Scholars

The School of Education Graduate Research Scholars (Ed-GRS) Program is a community of graduate students from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds receiving the Advanced Opportunity Fellowship in the School of Education. In addition to a stipend, tuition, and health care benefits, the program strives to assist our fellows with first-year transition, community building, and professional development.

Program Overview


  • Tuition remission
  • Welcome check to incoming students
  • Monthly stipend
  • Comprehensive healthcare coverage
  • Community building and professional
    development activities
  • Opportunity to connect with faculty members


  • Attend all montly Ed-GRS events as well as the Welcome & Orientation
  • Meet with Ed-GRS Coordinator Ida Balderrama-Trudell twice per semester.
  • Meet satisfactory academic progress determined by their departments.
  • Meet with an Ed-GRS faculty advisory board member in his/her department at least once a semester.

Eligibility and Nomination Process

To determine your eligibility, please visit the UW–Madison Graduate School Graduate Research Scholars Communities page. Once students have been accepted to one of our graduate programs, a committee of faculty members in each department reviews profiles of eligible applicants and submits a ranked list of nominees to the Ed-GRS director. Once the nominations have been approved by the Ed-GRS director, each department will contact the potential fellows directly. Students must accept or decline the offer no later than April 15.

Fellowship Information

Housing Priority for Incoming Fellows

Incoming fellows are eligible for priority housing. If you requested and did not receive an application for housing, it is available online at University Apartments Application. Write “Fellowship” at the top.

Initial Stipend Payment

Initial payments follow this schedule:

  • Award begins: June 1  |  First payment is made: July 1
  • Award begins: September 1  |  First payment is made: October 1
  • Award begins: Fall Semester  |  First payment is made: October 1
  • Award begins: Spring Semester  |  First payment is made: February 1

If you need short-term financial help, contact your bank or the Office of Student Financial Services. Student Financial Services provides short-term loans on a limited basis. Restrictions apply. Call 608-262-1791 for details. Several schools and colleges have emergency short-term loans. Check with your department.

Delays in Fellowship Payments

The three most common causes for delays in fellowship payments are

  1. registration for too few credits or not registering,
  2. not signing and returning the W-4 form, or
  3. grades of incomplete or low GPA.

If your award was conditional on completion of a degree or prelims or the removal of incompletes, etc., please notify the Graduate School Academic Services as soon as you meet those conditions.

Payment Errors

Your confirmation letter specifies the amount of your award and the pay schedule. If the amount of a monthly payment is incorrect, or if you do not receive a payment, call the Fellowships Office at 608-262-9597 at once. If you are overpaid, you must pay back the extra money.

More Information

For more information on fellowship benefits, fees, requirements, processes, and more, visit the UW–Madison Graduate School Fellowships page.


Our Community

In addition to funding, Ed-GRS offers its fellows opportunities for professional development, networking, community building, and connecting with faculty members. Through Ed-GRS, students are members of a supportive community of UW–Madison graduate students, faculty, and staff in the School of Education. Ed-GRS is overseen by an advisory committee whose members include faculty members, administrators, and a graduate student. Ed-GRS is a part of a larger community of GRS programs at UW–Madison, including the Graduate Engineering Research Scholars, Community of Graduate Research Scholars, and Science and Medicine Graduate Research Scholars.

Other student groups and associations at UW–Madison

Multicultural Graduate Network

The Multicultural Graduate Network (MGN) provides an infrastructure and access to resources and services for “primarily targeted” graduate students and to any graduate student who seeks community, learning, professional development, and educational/cultural enhancements within a multicultural context. MGN is unique in that it is housed within the Office of Graduate Students Diversity Resources and seeks to create a family atmosphere for all graduate students who participate.

Curriculum & Instruction Recreational Community for Leadership in Education (CIRCLEup)

Madison CIRCLEup is a campus-recognized student organization whose purpose is to “build a sense of personal and professional community within the graduate program of the Curriculum & Instruction department at UW–Madison in order to improve both graduate and undergraduate educational experiences within the School of Education.”

List of Registered Student Organizations at UW–Madison

More than 750 student organizations/clubs register with UW–Madison each year.

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