Impact 2030: Transformational and Innovative Learning Experiences

Our goal is to provide the very best, high-impact educational experiences for our students. In addition to strengthening these efforts across the arts, health, and education, we’re also innovating beyond our classroom walls by putting new resources into developing the highest quality online and hybrid learning experiences that the COVID-19 crisis accentuated a need for. The School is committed to helping undergraduates become involved with cutting-edge research projects, and is creating and expanding valuable in-person and virtual paid internship options. We’re refocusing our vital global engagement strategies and, once it’s safe again to travel internationally, growing the number of study abroad opportunities tied to one’s major. The School is also dedicated to educating and empowering our students to be equity-oriented agents of change and productive citizens who embody the Wisconsin Idea.

Global Engagement Office dedicated to helping School connect across borders: “Though some of our work related to study abroad, and international research and travel, isn’t currently allowed due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, bolstering our global engagement strategies remains an important aspect of Impact 2030 — and our commitment to providing transformational and innovative learning experiences for our students. These efforts are more important now than ever, and the Global Engagement Office will undoubtedly strengthen our historic emphasis on global connections.” — Dean Diana Hess

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