The School of Education is committed to dramatically increasing the number of students who participate in high-quality, paid internships. The highest quality internships engage students in professional, meaningful work that has clear, strong connections to their academic program. High quality internships offer many educational benefits, such as access to mentors, and professional feedback and opportunities to test out a career path. Internships also positively impact post-graduation employability.

Alexa Posny

It is essential that students across our School have opportunities to pursue paid internships; for many students, accepting a low or unpaid internship is not a financially viable option.

One donor is making a difference by providing scholarships for students to spend a summer in Washington, D.C. After receiving her PhD in educational leadership and policy analysis, Alexa Posny worked for the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. It was an eye-opening experience.

Each summer, two students studying to become administrators will now have the opportunity to work in policy and networking. “This experience will open doors and their minds,” Posny says.

“As a former special education teacher and now graduate student, I am really thrilled with the opportunity to have a seat at the table within the policy realm,” says Kate Roberts, who utilized one of these scholarships and who will complete her PhD in special education and educational leadership and policy analysis in 2022.

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