UW–Madison alumnus Chihuly continues to captivate the world through glass art

January 12, 2023

UW–Madison alumnus Dale Chihuly earned his MFA from the School of Education’s Art Department in 1967 as a student in the recently created Glass Lab. Since then, he has been featured in museums, founded the renowned Pilchuck Glass School, decorated buildings across the world, and had a museum dedicated to his work.

Real forgiveness is never toxic, says UW–Madison’s Enright to Men’s Health

January 10, 2023

A recent story in Men’s Health magazine that takes on the concept of “toxic forgiveness” consulted with UW–Madison’s Robert Enright, an expert in forgiveness science and professor in the School of Education’s Department of Educational Psychology. But Enright says the whole idea that forgiveness could be toxic is a “misunderstanding of what forgiving another person actually is.”