New book co-edited by UW–Madison’s Kelly helps actors forge deeper connection with poetic text

UW–Madison’s Baron Kelly is the co-editor of a new book, titled “Building Embodiment: Integrating Acting, Voice, and Movement to Illuminate Poetic Text,” that was recently published by Routledge.

Baron Kelly

Kelly, a Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor in the School of Education’s Department of Theatre and Drama, edited the book with Karen Kopryanski, an assistant professor and the head of speech at Virginia Commonwealth University.

The book features essays from celebrated teachers across the disciplines of acting, voice, and movement that offer insights and are designed to help actors and instructors find deeper vocal and physical connections to poetic text — including a range of heightened text styles such as Greek tragedy, Shakespeare, and Restoration/comedy of manners.

“The book will help the actor with theatrical expression and develop the technical and narrative skills needed in their creative process,” says Kelly, who in addition to his role within in the Department of Theatre and Drama also holds a concurrent appointment with the Odyssey Project in the Division of Continuing Studies.

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