Paper by UW–Madison’s Baldacchino explores ‘doing philosophy’ in Maltese

John Baldacchino, an art education professor in the School of Education’s Art Department, is the author of a new paper that explores his experience writing about philosophy in Maltese.


“I am pleased by this paper,” Baldacchino says, “as for me it’s a first where I invite my English-speaking readers to engage with my native Maltese language.”

In the paper’s abstract, Baldacchino writes, “In this paper I explore how doing philosophy in Maltese brings one to engage with disciplines in which one was entirely educated in other languages (in this case, primarily in English and Italian), and how this opens new opportunities that move inwards as well as outwards.”

The paper, “Rubble Walls of Contingency: Language, the Self, and the Mediterranean Imaginary,” is now published in Culture and Dialogue, an international, peer-reviewed journal of philosophy and humanities.

Learn more about this paper.

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