UW–Madison’s Kelly reflects on theater coming out of the pandemic in new paper

A paper by UW–Madison’s Baron Kelly was published in a recent issue of The Harold Pinter Review: Essays on Contemporary Drama.

Baron Kelly

Kelly is a Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor in the School of Education’s Department of Theatre and Drama, and holds a concurrent appointment with the Odyssey Project in the Division of Continuing Studies.

Kelly’s paper, titled “Adrienne Kennedy’s ‘Mom, How Did You Meet the Beatles?’ Taking a Pause Out of the Pandemic,” reflects on his work on the recent Forward Theater production of Kennedy’s play, in Sept. 2021. The play, which was written in 2008, details in sweeping narration the manipulation of Kennedy by the National Theatre of the 1960s.

In his paper, Kelly speaks about how he utilized pauses in the text to underscore the interior world of the central character’s emotional state. He also reflects on how the play was received by the viewers as the theater was beginning to transition out of the pandemic.

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