UW–Madison’s Kelly, Skloot to be featured panelists for Alliance of Jewish Theatre webinar

UW–Madison’s Baron Kelly and Bob Skloot will be featured panelists for the Alliance of Jewish Theatre’s September webinar, “Jewish Theatre — Looking Back, Going Forward.”

Kelly is a professor of acting in the School of Education’s Department of Theatre and Drama, and Skloot is an emeritus professor in the Department of Theatre and Drama.

From the Alliance’s official description of the webinar:

Renowned maestro and president of Bard College, Leon Botstein, said several years ago, “I think what has happened in the U.S. is the normalization of the Jew. They’ve become as complacent and culturally undistinguished as the average, suburban, white middle-class American.

So how is Jewish Theatre able to meet that challenge of “normalization” in light of today’s shifting understandings of race, ethnic diversity, transculturalism, and new forms of religious life? What performances from the past and present can we use to inspire us? This webinar will look back to go forward, in order to project what the future of Jewish Theatre has in store.

The webinar will be held Thursday, Sept. 24, from 7-8:30 p.m. (Central Time) via Zoom. More information, including how to RSVP, can be found on the Alliance for Jewish Theatre’s website.