Article by UW–Madison’s Burt examines influences on engineering grad students’ career paths

UW–Madison’s Brian Burt is the author of a new article that appears in the Journal of Engineering Education titled, “Broadening participation in the engineering professoriate: Influences on Allen’s journey in developing professorial intentions.”

Burt is an assistant professor in the School of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis.

Brian Burt

“Given the significant roles that faculty play, it is important to understand how and why engineering graduate students choose faculty careers over other professional opportunities,” begins the article abstract. “Yet little is known about this decision‐making process, particularly for students of color.”

The article offers “a rich, empirically grounded account of the development of one graduate student’s professorial intentions as a launch‐point from which to explore how to broaden participation in the professoriate among underrepresented students of color in engineering,” the abstract continues.

The article explains how the “underrepresentation of historically marginalized individuals among engineering faculty will remain a problem until more knowledge is gained about why students choose to pursue the engineering professoriate. Future studies that follow this line of inquiry by focusing on smaller numbers of participants may similarly identify key experiences and factors that promote interest in or turn students away from faculty careers.”

Learn more or access the article through the Wiley Online Library, here.

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