Painting by UW–Madison’s Jordan appearing at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry

A painting by UW–Madison’s Jerry Jordan is appearing at the 2021 Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago through July 4.

Jerry Jordan photograph

Jordan is an academic and multicultural advisor with the School of Education.

In an article for, Jordan describes his painting, “A New Song,” as follows: “[The painting] just gives the viewer a young black couple. They’re free… They’re free to be who they want to be and free from the stereotypes of what a Black couple is supposed to be like. Not full of drama and trouble and problems and everything. Just a black couple being together.”

“I just wanted to kind of put us, put African Americans, in a painting that is not about a struggle because not everything in life is a struggle and [that] sometimes we can be presented in a non-struggle,” Jordan continued.

Learn more about Jordan’s work and the exhibition, here.