UW-Madison experts can address back-to-school topics

As parents, students and teachers prepare for the upcoming 2019-20 school year, experts from UW–Madison’s School of Education are ready to share their thoughts with media members on a variety of topics.


What’s the right age for a child to have a smart phone? What rules work best for parents and schools to guide young people to safe and healthy use of social media? When a child goes off to college, should parents still be Facebook friends or Instagram followers? Bradford Brown, a professor with the Department of Educational Psychology, can offer advice on tweens’ and teens’ use of social media. Contact: bbbrown@wisc.edu


Mitchell Nathan, a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the School of Education, can talk about effective learning and which study techniques work best, including the benefits of taking practice tests and spreading study sessions out over time instead of cramming. Contact: mnathan@wisc.edu.


As a parent, one day you’re changing diapers … and the next thing you know your little baby is ready to march off to school for that first year of formal education. It can be a bit of a scary time for kids — and their parents. Beth Graue, UW–Madison’s Sorenson Professor of Early Childhood Education, is a former kindergarten teacher and an expert on kindergarten and 4K practice, readiness, and home-school relations who can offer tips on how to make this big transition go more smoothly. She directs the Center for Research on Early Childhood Education within the Wisconsin Center for Education Research. Contact: beth.graue@wisc.edu


Parents and educators share essential roles in promoting children’s social, emotional, and behavior competencies. However, initiating family-school connections and navigating a collaborative family-school relationship can be challenging, and yet greatly rewarding. Andy Garbacz, an associate professor with the Department of Educational Psychology, can offer strategies for building collaborative family-school relationships that can support children in developing social, emotional, and behavior competencies. Contact: sgarbacz@wisc.edu.

Looking for education experts in other areas? ​Email Todd Finkelmeyer, communications coordinator, at todd.finkelmeyer@wisc.edu

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